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New Nova Team Members

New To The Nova Team

Jack Cummings | Vice President

Jack works with lenders and institutional investors in the commercial real estate industry. Prior to joining Nova Group, he worked at Cushman & Wakefield in their office brokerage department. Jack works closely with Nova’s clientele in the Northeast to improve customer relations and share best practices.

E-mail: Phone: 952-221-4774

Austin Del Rosso | Associate Project Manager

Austin joined Nova Group this past November as an Associate Project Manager out of St. Louis. He graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in environmental geosciences this past year, where he competed on the cross country and track teams. Austin is looking forward to beginning a successful career at Nova.

E-mail: Phone: 636-248-6637

Fred Howlett | National Reviewer

Fred joins Nova Group, GBC with more than 24 years of professional experience. Fred has managed and conducted projects throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada, providing environmental and engineering due diligence assessments of residential, commercial, and industrial properties for both lenders and equity investors. In addition to due diligence assessments, Fred has also performed and managed Phase II site assessments, underground storage tank management and closure activities, remedial investigations, and environmental cleanups under various regulatory programs. Fred comes to Nova Group, GBC as a National Reviewer for the new mentor program that was established to mentor new employees and associates to create a larger pool of quality due diligence resources. Fred is located in New Jersey and will be a great asset in the tri-state area.

E-mail: Phone: 732-252-7111

Eric Esposito | Project Manager

Eric is an aspiring architect who worked in both design and construction prior to entering into consulting. He has acquired a unique knowledge of accessibility guidelines and building codes along the way, which will hopefully guide him to being a productive member of the Equity Group.

E-mail: Phone: 330-951-6096

Xuyen (Xu) Trinh | Project Manager

Xuyen (Xu) joined Nova Group, GBC at the end of November as a Project Manager in the Construction Services Group (CSG) and is based out of Philadelphia. Before joining Nova, Xu worked for a Fortune 500 company, managing numerous construction loan funds control projects as well as draw monitoring progress. At Nova, she will be trained to perform site inspections and review construction loan monitoring reports.

E-mail: Phone: 267-315-9377

Drew Hayes | Project Manager

Drew recently joined Nova Group, GBC as a Project Manager in the Construction Services Group (CSG) and is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Before joining Nova, Drew worked in the field completing construction monitoring services, property due diligence for property condition assessments, and phase I environmental site assessments. Additionally, Drew, with his engineering background, has experience with modular block retaining wall design as well as cellular tower structural design.

E-mail: Phone: 417-838-9046

Madeline (Maddi) Burrell | Project Manager, Environmental Site Assessor

Maddi joined Nova’s Assessor Team after working for a small environmental engineering and consulting firm in Chicago, where she specialized in project management for phase I environmental site assessments and phase II subsurface investigations. Maddi has licenses and certifications in asbestos, lead, and radon. She graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communications and was a part of their NCAA women’s swimming and diving team.

E-mail: Phone: 847-571-7708

Chelsea Gittle | Project Manager, Environmental Site Assessment Professional

Chelsea joined Nova Group in December as a Project Manager with the Assessor Group. She has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Natural Resource Management from Rutgers University. She has an extensive background conducting phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs) throughout the United States. She is also experienced in compliance, technical reviews, quality assurance, permitting, stormwater, research, and data analysis.

E-mail: Phone: 267-279-4450

Welcome back!

David "Jay" Hrivnatz, RA, CEM | Project Manager

Jay rejoins Nova Group in September as a Project Manager in the Assessor Group. He is a licensed Architect in Texas and possesses multiple certifications related to energy/sustainability. Jay is a true utility player and has performed both debt and equity PCAs (including agency work), construction loan monitoring, green assessment field work, and technical review of both green and PCA reports. Jay started in real estate due diligence in 2013 after nearly a decade of performing asset/capital planning consulting for federal and state agencies. He loves the diversity and pace of our industry.

E-mail: Phone: 713-302-0898

Sharon Latz, PG | National Reviewer

Sharon is a Professional Geologist who rejoined Nova in November after a little more than one year working as an independent contractor exclusively for Nova performing ESA work. Prior to that time, Sharon was with Nova for five-and-a-half years as a Senior Project Manager under the CMG Team. Overall, Sharon has approximately 29 years of experience in the environmental consulting business performing a variety of work including phase I and II site assessments, Brownfields projects, and various contamination assessments and remediation projects. In her current role, Sharon will be assisting with ESA report reviews and mentoring in support of new employee development in an effort to expand the resources available through the Professional Associate (independent contractor) pool.

E-mail: Phone: 828-243-2012

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