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At Nova Group, the world’s most talented group of engineers, environmental professionals, and thought leaders are shaping the future by providing innovative solutions for the global real estate industry. We employ and empower hardworking, self-motivated, and detail-oriented individuals that value working in a collaborative environment. Here at Nova, we do things the “Nova Way”: We strive to exceed expectations, our own and our clients’. We have a service focus for both our clients and our communities. We have a corporate culture of giving back and a policy that encourages volunteerism so our people can support the organizations they care about the most. We focus on our people, the most important investment we have. Therefore, we put a premium on recruiting top candidates and maintaining and running an extensive training and development curriculum as we are dedicated to giving our employees what they need to succeed! Our remote and teleworking environment offers maximum work/life balance, as we understand that family, friends, and personal commitments are equally important.

Meet The Team


Nova’s leadership plays an instrumental role in shaping and sustaining our culture – to help build trust and cooperation, enhance employee engagement, and strengthen morale. The behaviors we create at work become a key part of shaping our culture. Our culture provides an informal control mechanism, a strong sense of identification with the organization, and shared understanding among employees about what is important. With over 35 years of building and growing Nova’s culture and sustainability, we have a corporate culture of giving back and a policy that encourages volunteerism so our people can support the organizations they care about the most.


Nova’s business development team is dedicated to working with our clients across the country and globe to fully understand their business so we can provide the best products, services, and technical talent that will allow them to achieve their goals.

Our team works closely with our operations group to incorporate feedback from our clients so we can continue to build the tools and technology necessary to improve the way we communicate internally and with our customers.


For over a decade, Nova’s Capital Markets Group (CMG) has grown and maintained its position as a nationwide leader in environmental and engineering due diligence services. From Nova’s national platform, CMG has provided timely, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for clients throughout North America and Mexico.

CMG continues to exceed client expectations, working with banks, agency lenders, life insurance companies, CMBS lenders, REITs, pension funds and developers. We have built an expert and experienced staff of National Account Managers that average over 20 years of experience in the industry. They have expertise in evaluating each specific project and interpreting the most recent industry standards.


Nova has developed a reputation for national leadership in providing due diligence services. Acknowledging that there is no “one size fits all,” our group is committed to providing Nova clients with customized solutions at all points in the real estate cycle.

This starts with understanding the scope of a project. We advise in areas such as acquisition, disposition, pre-/mid-/post-lease, and capital planning. Our due diligence team shifts to meet a client’s specific needs and goals. By focusing on a client’s needs, Nova’s Equity Group can help determine the appropriate scope and thus deliver value and favorable cost/benefit solutions to solve many real estate problems.


Nova minimizes risk to major construction lenders, developers, and building owners by providing
third-party comprehensive review, monitoring, and reporting during the construction process.

For almost a decade, Nova staff has performed these services on hundreds of construction projects
across the U.S. Nova maintains a staff of experienced engineers, architects, and construction managers to assist our clients in the review of specific building systems from conceptual schematics to completed
installations and commissioning.


Nova Energy Group provides real estate investors, developers, and managers with insight into the effects of energy on the financial performance of real estate portfolios. Drawing on extensive experience in energy advising, the Nova team specializes in translating the energy performance of buildings into financial terms. Nova assists clients with developing energy expense reduction
strategies as a means of increasing the value of real estate assets.

Nova has key personnel on staff with 10+ years of experience in the energy efficiency field. We provide custom energy audit reports that include site-specific solutions based on dialogue with clients and actual historic performance. We are able to meet tight delivery timelines that fit within the
due diligence period for lenders. We also do equity work that relies on long relationships with clients and frequent communication and support.



Since its inception, Nova has consistently delivered exceptional services through its Industrial Hygiene & Hazardous Material Group. Nova's reputation for this wide range of services has been instrumental in nurturing long-term client relationships across the country.

Our specialized group offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing Asbestos Management, Lead-Based Paint Management, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Services, Radon, and Sustainable Building practices - including certifications such as WELL, BREEAM, and FitWell. We ensure that our team members receive the necessary training and certifications, meeting both State and Federal requirements.

Dedicated to outstanding customer service, our team actively supports and consults with clients throughout the entire project life cycle, delivering exceptional project outcomes. Their combined expertise spans decades, covering various aspects of industrial hygiene, environmental health, and safety. Our practical approach, combined with a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, enables us to deliver exceptional results on every project. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement sets us apart from other service providers; we strive to be partners in creating safer, healthier, and more sustainable environments. 


The HUD Division within Nova conducts on-site inspections to evaluate the general condition, overall design, and structural elements of the Property buildings. Document reviews are also conducted to review previous and planned capital expenditures. Nova’s Property Condition Needs Assessment (PCNA) complies with the HUD MAP/LEAN Guidelines and offers a complete narrative on the condition and adequacy of the site and building improvements, including the required forms and information. Items such as maintenance, an estimate of immediate costs (Life Safety/ADA and Non-Critical), annual replacement reserves in the CNA e-Tool, comments on the building’s conformance with un-finished
work, ADA accessibility, FHA, and UFAS/504 compliance are inclusive. Nova’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) also comply with HUD MAP/LEAN Guidelines. The ESAs are conducted to identify potential environmental concerns for on-site activities, off-site activities, and compliance with federal, state, and local agencies which are also included in HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS).


Nova provides Environmental Compliance Services to public and private sector clients to ensure compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Nova’s Environmental Compliance Group focuses on providing cost-effective solutions that promote sustainable compliance tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

Our goal is to exceed client expectations through our knowledge and unwavering dedication to service and results. Nova assists our clients with evaluating applicable environmental regulations, acquiring the proper permit and plans, implementing appropriate tools and systems to manage compliance obligations, fulfilling reporting and recordkeeping requirements and managing change due to new regulatory requirements or expanded operations.


The Nova Zoning Group was developed in response to the increasing demand for clients to receive quick and reliable property zoning analysis that outlines zoning conformance. This analysis gives Nova clients greater comfort with the overall property compliance with the local zoning laws. Without a reliable zoning report that thoroughly examines your property in advance of the transaction, the risk of an unknown zoning violation could result in a substantial delay of your closing or unexpected costs.


The Peak leadership team is focused on partnering with our customers to understand and efficiently manage the environmental aspects of their business. The team is committed to maintaining a safe and innovative work culture with strong company values, and selecting sound business strategies supporting a consistently high level of company performance. Further, they are dedicated to creating a deliverable-focused company through a sustainable business plan that includes continuous staff training, efficient use of information technologies, effective communication platforms, and implementation of consistent administrative and technical procedures. Peak’s people – hydrogeologists, geologists, environmental scientists, engineers, administrators, technicians, subcontractors – are its greatest strength and asset, and the continuing investment in them and the resources available to them is the primary basis for the success of Peak.


Carlson Environmental, a Nova Group, GBC Company, was originally founded in 1988 by Dr. Richard J. Carlson, and later acquired by Edward Garske in 2009. Carlson obtained a strong track record of helping its clients achieve their business goals, whether it is closing a real estate deal, addressing an environmental regulatory issue, or assisting in site redevelopment. Carlson has a consistent track record of success, thinking outside the box, finding practical, cost-effective solutions for clients faced with increasingly complex regulatory systems and more challenging financial demands.

Carlson’s Management Team has the pleasure of working with a dedicated staff of engineers, geologists and scientists, many who have been with Carlson for over 10 years.


Environmental Concepts & Design, Inc. (ECAD Engineering) is a unique environmental consulting firm with professional engineers and scientists who specialize in environmental site assessments (ESA), landfill engineering, and groundwater developments in Minnesota.  

We have designed and certified the construction of several landfill liners and caps in Minnesota. We excel in landfill hydrogeologic investigations and report requirements of facility permits. Our professionals have established effective relationships with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff based on trust and credibility.

ECAD has extensive experience in municipal well design work and can help communities meet necessary planning, wellhead protection, and design requirements.  

In addition, our professionals have extensive experience preparing work plans and overseeing Remedial Investigations in the U.S. and Europe.

Investigation is one of our areas of superior expertise. We are very effective in finding soil and groundwater contamination if present and provide contaminant migration evaluations and clean-up plans when necessary.

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