Become a Partner of the Better Buildings Challenge!

  1. Conduct an assessment of the energy consumption of their portfolio

  2. Take Action by implementing a plan to reduce energy consumption

  3. Report results by reporting performance data and sharing best practices

Through the Department of Energy, Better Buildings Challenge partners are provided with public recognition for achieving energy and cost savings, technical assistance, and networking opportunities with partners and program allies to share best practices.

Nova Consulting Group’s Energy Efficiency Division works with clients to support participation in the following ways: CommitmentHow Nova Can Help Establish a BaselineExperts in gathering and analyzing utility data. This is a time consuming first step that often de-rails projects from the start. Proprietary database of over 7,000 affordable multifamily units against which to benchmark your assets for a high level of accuracy Comply with legal requirements to benchmark your assets Fast turnaround time Low cost Take ActionExperts in identifying financing sources such as grants, rebates, and low interest debt Assist in analyzing the financial case for energy efficiency Extensive experience with cost effective energy conservation strategies including water conservation, HVAC systems, and building envelope Track record of achieving energy savings Demonstrate SuccessCredentialed Measurement and Verification Professional on staff to analyze energy consumption data to show energy savings, while accounting for weather, occupancy or other factors Benchmarked over 300 buildings with DOE’s Portfolio Manager, which is required to report energy savings Nova is a certified Energy Star partner Assistance with press releases and case studies to showcase success

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