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Nova Group, GBC/Nova Ambiente and Risk Management Partners Join Forces

Nova Group, GBC/Nova Ambiente and Risk Management Partners join forces to provide world-class climate data and risk assessment/management for commercial properties across the world.

Minneapolis-based Nova Group, GBC (, and their European-based affiliate, Nova Ambiente (, are pleased to announce their partnership with Risk Management Partners, a division of Munich Re (

This new partnership will allow the Nova team to continue its evolution as a worldwide leader of ESG and Climate Risk Assessments, Mitigation, and Management for the commercial real estate market.

The exciting relationship will allow unfettered access to the most dynamic, global natural hazard and climate risk data from Munich Re.

Make the Nova Group, GBC/Nova Ambiente Solution your one-stop resource for all your commercial properties’ asset-level and corporate-level hazard/climate risk data, as well as asset assessment, data interpretation, and climate risk management.

Our team can assist you while 1.) considering climate data during asset acquisition, 2.) mitigating climate risk to owned assets, 3.) climate risk disclosures, and 4.) reporting to frameworks (e.g., TCFD, GRESB, and BREEAM).

For more information or to see how this dynamic partnership can benefit you, visit our website at or e-mail Helena Ariza ( in the United States States and Jaime Bainbridge ( in Europe.

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