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Construction Services Group Case Study Highlights: Modern Medical Facility

Construction Services Group: Modern Medical Facility

In 2018, Nova provided pre-construction, third-party review of plans,

specifications, and documents for a newly constructed medical office building

located in the Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. This project

included base building core and shell with multiple tenant improvement


This 12-story, “podium-style” medical office building and parking garage

encompassed 574,000 gross square feet on a two-acre parcel and consisted

of three main site components--the core and shell, the initial suites, and

the secondary suites. Nova’s review focused on the core, shell, and tenant

improvements of the office portion of the overall development, which was

situated on top of the seven-level parking garage. The net rentable area of the

project was 168,676 square feet, which integrated medical offices, common

areas, fitness space, retail, and a proposed restaurant.

Nova conducted an initial site visit and third-party review of the suites,

tenant improvements, core and shell of the building along with adherence to

documented scopes of work and the construction schedule. Nova provided

ongoing construction monitoring observations, follow-up site visits, and

general project updates. In the end, Nova provided the Client with our expert

opinion of the project status and conformance to plans and specifications.

This approach allowed Nova to opine on the provided design as well as assess

in-progress construction so the Client could use this knowledge as part of

their plans to purchase the property upon completion.

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