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A Letter from London: Nova’s UK Office Expands

Nova established offices in London in mid-2012 to service European property acquisition work with U.S.-based clients. Our initial work was focused on supporting clients who were acquiring or lending against prime London properties. These included landmark office and hotel sites.  Our work soon spread to encompass delivery of acquisition work in Europe, especially the buoyant property markets of the Netherlands and Germany.  To date we estimate that we have advised on property deals that are in excess of US$4 Billion.

We had also intended that Nova should deliver brownfield assessment and development projects, and have expanded this area, specializing in the more complex Brownfields such as chemical plants, landfills and sites with known pollution issues, including mobile hydrocarbon plumes and the presence of radionuclide contamination.  Our focus in this area is the identification and characterization of pollution issues and the design and implementation of financially viable solutions.

Current projects of interest include the following:

Petrol plume remedial works in Ireland

We are undertaking remedial works on a petrol plume in Ireland. At this site a leak of unleaded petroleum from an underground storage tank polluted local groundwater and entered potable water supply boreholes.  Nova is working on behalf of the insurer and their legal team. We have undertaken investigation and risk assessment at the site, and have designed and installed a groundwater recovery pump and treat system.  Nova is the consultant and main contractor on this project.

Landfill redevelopment in the UK

Nova was retained as the environmental consultant on this multi-million pound development of a 15-acre landfill.  The site is underlain by 5-7m of mixed domestic and commercial waste that is gassing and discharging leachate.  Nova’s site development solution includes gas protection systems, leachate reduction, and capture and ground improvement using dynamic compaction.

Multi-Site Due Diligence in Netherlands

Nova was retained to deliver property condition assessments and environmental site assessments of a variety of sites in the Netherlands, which range from large retail sites to telecommunications hubs.  The work included delivery of 10 year duration financial reserves tables, detailing the likely landlord and tenant costs.


Jim Gott

Director, UK Operations

Nova Consulting Group Inc.

+44 (0) 7580 217534

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