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Nova Group, GBC Welcomes Back Trent Augustus as Equity Director - Strategic Initiatives

We are delighted to formally announce that Trent Augustus has re-joined the Nova family as Nova’s Equity Director of Strategic Projects. Trent is a seasoned professional with four years of experience with Nova, nearly ten years of experience operating in the commercial real estate market, representing the owners' side and in the consultant market, and is a licensed contractor with just over 15 years of experience. As a graduate of Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and his continued professional experience, Trent is well-versed in building construction and the commercial due diligence field. He is particularly adept at managing multi-scope projects under tight deadlines while representing owners, REITs, lenders, investors, and sellers, bridging the gap between technical expertise and business acumen.

Trent will additionally lead Nova’s ESG and Climate teams as a strategic liaison between our field operations and client services, ensuring that our clients are up to date on current and emerging market trends in this rapidly developing market.

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Trent’s priorities will include fostering strong relationships with Nova’s clientele, heading up Nova’s work in the ESG and climate sector, supporting continued work on California’s SB-721 balcony inspections and balcony inspections throughout the U.S, and offering best in class solutions with specialized execution to many of Nova’s key clients.

Please reach out and say hello to Trent and welcome him on his return to the Nova Family!

Trent Augustus
Equity Director - Strategic Initiatives

(801) 885-5933

Connect with Trent


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