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Environmental Specialist

Hazardous Materials Group, Industrial Hygiene Department


Location: Chaska, MN

Job Description

Nova Group, GBC (Nova) is looking for an entry-level Environmental Specialist in the field of Industrial Hygiene.


Applicants should hold a bachelor of science degree in a science-based field. The qualified candidate must possess strong technical writing skills, attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines. Work experience in the fields of safety, industrial hygiene, hazardous materials control or other construction trades is a plus. Applicants must be willing to travel and occasionally work nights and weekends.

Job Duties

The job duties include:


Building inspection for the purpose of identifying asbestos-containing materials (ACMs)

  • Inventory suspect building materials

  • Collect bulk material samples

  • Assess physical condition

  • Create a sample location diagram

  • Write a report detailing the findings

Project Supervision during Asbestos Abatement

  • Collect & analyze air samples for asbestos

  • Document Contractor activities in a daily log

  • Create sample location diagrams

  • Write a closeout report


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations

  • Collect air samples for various indoor contaminants

  • Document existing building conditions

  • Create sample location diagrams

  • Write a final report discussing sample results, observed building conditions, and provide conclusions and recommendations


Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Inspections

  • Utilize a Niton XRF spectrum analyzer to perform on-site analysis

  • Document paint surface conditions

  • Write a report documenting your findings

Working for Nova Group, GBC

Nova Group, GBC (Nova) is a privately held multidisciplinary advisory firm incorporated in 1987. We have a global footprint headquartered in Chaska, Minnesota, but our team services clients throughout the United States and abroad. Nova provides services in the areas of environmental management, compliance investigation, corrective action activities, strategic energy services, and construction services. Our diverse portfolio of services creates a multitude of career possibilities, and we strive to bring on talent who want to learn and build their skills across multiple sectors of our business. ​

A General Benefit Corporation (GBC), often referred to as a B-Corp, means Nova is aligning our values with our business practices. We recognize our role goes beyond profitability, and we value our environment, our communities, and our people. Beyond our articles of incorporation, we are making a commitment to measure our impact in four key segments: our environment, our communities, our customers, and our employees.

In efforts to remain competitive and to differentiate ourselves from others in the industry, we continuously review our benefit programs. One way we accomplish this is with flexible and remote work arrangements, because we realize that personal demands don’t just happen after 5 p.m. The great majority of our staff work from remote offices that allow the ultimate balance of work and personal life. Different work environment options are available to you, from offices in larger cities to offices available on an as-needed basis. Whatever your work-environment needs, we will make an effort to accommodate them. At Nova, this culture is successful because we trust our teams to be accountable to each other and to our clients.

In addition, Nova is committed to supporting your professional development through career ladders, training programs, and continuing education to support your certifications and licenses. We look for opportunities to build skills on the job in particular, shadowing mentors and senior staff, leveraging all they have to offer. We always want our employees to feel challenged and to strive to grow their skills and careers.

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