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Robert M. Edgar, LSRP

Managing Principal,
Peak Environmental Division


East Brunswick, NJ, USA

Mr. Edgar has been working in the Environmental Industry since 1989 and is responsible for the design and supervision of the environmental investigation and remediation of Brownfield sites, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential properties in multiple states including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, California and Wisconsin.

He has strong experience with the regulations and guidance in New Jersey, including Industrial Site Recovery Act, and the Site Remediation Reform Act. Mr. Edgar supervises environmental compliance, investigation and remediation necessary at E-designated sites in New York City; as well as asbestos inspections and abatements, and Asbestos Management Plans preparation. He designs and supervises site investigations, remedial investigations, and remedial actions, ISRA compliance, Underground Storage Tank removals, New Jersey Preliminary Assessments, indoor air quality assessments, mold investigations, green audits, LEED inspections, and Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments. Mr. Edgar has acted as the liaison with case managers with the applicable environmental regulatory agencies in multiple states and the USEPA.

Investigations designed and performed by Mr. Edgar include work proximate to electrical substations and transformers, and work at TSCA regulated PCBs sites which required USEPA approval and oversight.

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