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Nova provides innovative environmental and engineering services in the areas of risk assessment, investigation, management, compliance and corrective action activities.


Environmental Due Diligence

From pre-acquisition real estate due diligence to services that help prioritize capital expenditures and minimize operating costs, Nova is a trusted partner throughout the total ownership cycle. An environmental assessment is conducted to identify potential environmental conditions related to on-site and off-site activities. A phased approach allows the client to maximize information obtained while minimizing costs. Property Condition Assessments (PCA) are often completed to evaluate the remaining useful life of building systems. By doing so, Nova can assist its clients with preserving capital expenditures, while at the same time extending the useful life of critical building components and systems.


Health & Safety

Nova offers a wide range of services related to workplace health and safety hazards and compliance with OSHA and CCOHS regulations. Our professional staff can help recognize, identify, evaluate, and control employee health and safety problems in occupational or industrial settings.

The Nova staff also develops, implements, and presents many programs for our clients such as periodic audits, Job Design, Hazard Communication, Confined Space, Lockout-Tagout (Hazardous Energy), Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection and HAZWOPER. We work with the full range of OSHA, CCOHS, health department, and right-to-know compliance issues.

1 - Environmental Due Diligence
2 Env Prop Man

Facilities & Construction Services

Nova undertakes a range of scopes from desk-based reviews of third party reports through to highly detailed technical due diligence.  Our scopes are tailored to our clients due diligence needs and their often tight timescales.


Environmental Compliance 

Whether you need help with a planning application or have a specific environmental concern, our land quality service provides you the advice and support you require. We carry out a range of services from limited, desk-based reviews to full Phase I assessments. We’ll help you understand ground conditions, identify potential sources of contamination and assess any associated environmental risks.

We can also facilitate the design and implementation of Phase II Intrusive Site Investigations. For all site investigations it is our policy to ensure an appropriate scope of works is in place and clear interpretative reporting is provided. Where environmental concerns are present, we work with regulators and owners or operators to identify and implement the most effective management solutions.


Environmental Investigation/Remediation

Nova provides construction loan management services to a number of debt clients.  A typical project scope usually starts with an initial assessment of the project viability, when we undertake review of the tender documents, BoQ, contractor bids, the developer QS reports etc.


Energy Efficiency Services 

Our team has extensive experience in environmental auditing, from simple light industrial activities to complex manufacturing operations. Our auditing service focuses on providing you with a clear understanding of the environmental performance of your facility and developing practical improvement programs.

3 - Technical Due Diligence
4 Construction Loan Monitoring
5 Land Quality Assessment
6 - Environmental Auditing
7 - Additional Services

Ask Us.

Feel free to ask us about our full range of environmental products and services.

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