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NYC Local Law 126

How does Local Law 126 affect NYC parking structures?

LL126 will require owners of parking structures to have their garages inspected every six years, and to file a report with inspection results to the the Department of Buildings.

The first two-year inspection cycle (1.1.2022 - 12.31.2023) will cover Manhattan Community Districts 1-7. 

Inspections and reports must be conducted by a Qualified Parking Structures Inspector (QPSI).

QPSI’s will create an annual observation checklist during the initial assessment prescribing baseline inspection items to be assessed annually or at more frequent intervals by or on behalf of the parking structure owner.

Multi Storey Parking Lot

Filing Cycles

Jan 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2023

Manhattan Community Districts 1 - 7

Jan 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2025

Remainder of Manhattan & Brooklyn

Jan 1, 2026 - Dec 31, 2027

Bronx, Queens, Staten Island

Condition Assessment Breakdown

  1. Nova NYS PE conducts inspection for evidence of deterioration

  2. Nova NYS PE files report within 60 days of inspection

  3. Garages are classified as:


  • Minimal deterioration

  • Subsequent report within 6 years

​Safe with repair and/or engineering monitoring

  • Potential danger

  • No immediate action required

  • Conditions monitored by PE

  • File amended report within 3 years

  • Must repair before next cycle


  • Immediate danger to safety

  • Must notify Owner, DOB, and file compliance report

  • Immediately remove unsafe condition(s) or safeguard area

  • Must correct unsafe condition in 90 days

  • Amended report within 2 weeks of report

Parking Lot

What type of parking structures require inspection and reporting?

Buildings, or portions of a building, used for parking or storing motor vehicles, including space inside or under a building

Open parking garages and enclosed parking garages as defined in the NYC Building Code

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